Our organization: a network of synergies

The Seureca brand groups together four companies, each a specialist in its field. For an added-value synergy between the operating companies and to ensure a consistency in service quality, the subsidiaries are managed by a holding company. Each client then has access to all of Seureca’s expertise to best suit its needs.
SEURECA - France and International consulting engineering
Created in 1959, Seureca is a consulting engineering firm specialized in the management of resources, in the fields of water, energy, and waste.  The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified for its quality management system.


DESL - Energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste-to-energy
DESL provides expert consulting engineering services for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. These include biomass power, industrial co-generation and tri-generation, waste heat recovery, waste-to-energy, solar, and hydraulic projects. DESL is a reliable partner and has acquired many years of experience both in India and internationally.
EPAS - Industrial wastewater and process water treatment
Across the globe EPAS provides process and technical assistance in water treatment to industries, covering a wide range of technologies, including biological and physico-chemical treatments, and membrane separation technologies. EPAS has heavily invested in research facilities and developed its own state-of-the-art laboratory in Ghent, Belgium. All regular and advanced wastewater purification techniques can be tested, and state of the art microscopes are used for sludge characterization. EPAS is accredited by the Flemish Government as a certified instance for consulting and training courses.
OFIS - Environmental performance and health security in buildings
Since 1995, OFIS provides expertise in sanitary engineering studies, measurements, and assistance for the tertiary sector, health facilities, apartment buildings, and industries, in the water, air, and energy fields. Particularly known for Legionella risk control, OFIS gives support to improve sanitary and environmental performance for the well-being of inhabitants. The quality of OFIS's services is recognized by the COFRAC, CSTB, and OPQIBI certification bodies.

Active in over 60 countries and 4 continents, we rely on a network of international permanent offices and a reliable taskforce of 200 engineers for short‑ to long‑term projects around the globe.
  • Active in over 60 countries in 2016

    Active in over 60 countries in 2016

  • 9 branch offices in France

    9 branch offices in France