Waste Management

Seureca’s expertise spans the entire waste lifecycle, from collection to recycling for end product recovery into materials and energy.
Waste management services corporate planning

Setting up or operating waste management services requires a close cooperation of all stakeholders, long term planning, and performance based management, in line with international best practices. This is why Seureca developed a solid expertise in waste utilities corporate planning and strategy, and provides assistance in planning, management, progress monitoring and performance assessment, with the objective of continuous service improvement.

  • Waste volumes estimation
  •  Infrastructure and investment planning
  • KPIs and Balanced scorecards
  • Economic and financial studies
  • Business Plans
  • Tariffs studies
Waste collection

Collection, the first stage in waste management, is increasingly becoming a question of logistics. Seureca is developing innovative solutions to implement waste collection in places where waste management services do not yet exist, and make collection more efficient by limiting environmental impact and encouraging sorting at the source to increase recycling rates in most developed countries.

  • Logistic optimization via GIS modeling
  • Recommendation for collection equipment
  • Set up of the collection services
Waste recycling

In a world where resources are limited, the recycling of waste became more and more strategic for both municipalities and industries. This implies sorting of materials and preparation of the material for the recycling processes. Seureca can accompany both municipalities and industrials to determine which materials are the most beneficial to recycle, and develop and implement a strategy for recycling in the most efficient and sustainable way.

  • Design for Material Recovery Facility
  • Technical assistance for operation Material Recovery Facility
  • Awareness campaigns
Waste treatment
waste collection

At the end of the chain, after sorting and recycling the recyclable waste, there will be always some waste that needs to be treated. For this, Seureca will consider the local context, the environmental constraints, the amount of waste, the type of waste to be treated and determine the best technology to eliminate this “final” waste in the best economic and environmental way.

  • Prefeasibility study for waste treatment facilities
  • Design for landfill
  • Technical assistance for operating waste treatment facilities
Waste reuse and waste to energy
waste to energy

Seureca supports the growing demand for renewable energy and, wherever possible, develops solutions for its customers to be supplied with green energy. The energy generated by the combustion of non-recyclable waste produces electricity and heat for either local industry or domestic energy needs. Waste-to-energy therefore helps conserve fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills.

  •  Technical assistance for operating incinerator
  •  Design for landfill gas valorization
Social engineering
waste engineering

Operating waste management services does not only require technical skills. Waste management, as a public service, requires fine-tuned social engineering skills, at the heart of Seureca’s approach.  Developing alliances with local partners, Seureca provides mediation and dialogue, and educational campaigns towards the community.

  • Dialogue with informal waste management sector
  • Awareness Campaigns
Industrial Waste

Seureca can provide its expertise in waste management to accompany the industrials in setting up a waste management system that is efficient and cost effective. Through waste audits, Seureca can determine the real cost of waste, and find innovative solutions for waste minimization, collection, recycling and treatment.

  • Waste audits
  • Optimization of on-site waste logistics
  • Optimization of waste recycling
  • Waste minimization 
Human Resources and Change Management
human ressources and change management

Performance is only ever achieved with knowledgeable, engaged and inspired people, based on a structured and suitable organization, aligned with strategic objectives.  This is why Seureca included human resources and change management expertise into its core offer.

  • Organizational review
  • Performance assessment
  • Training plan definition
  • Technical training delivery
  • Internal communications strategy
  • Employee engagement programs