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Cooling system audit

Legionella Risk Assessment on a cooling tower

Laffan Refinery in Doha is one of the largest condensate refineries in the world. As part of its production process, it operates a cooling tower and is therefore exposed to Legionella risk, since there is water dispersion. It is essential for the industrial to adapt the use of the equipment according to the process. There may be specific operating rules such as switching off and on again depending on different production lines. Usually, the cooling systems are larger than in the tertiary sector buildings and water treatment is more advanced. To better understand and control sanitary risks associated with cooling towers and Legionella, the site wished to conduct a risk assessment at its facilities. Veolia, with the help of OFIS, proposed a solution for securing the cooling tower.

  • Cooling water Front side
  • CT Sand Filter

OFIS has conducted an audit of the facilities to identify critical points and compliance in relation to international standards, and provide a prioritized action plan and proposals for preventive and corrective measures.

In addition to the audit, a logbook dedicated to the site has been implemented and operating procedures, a maintenance plan and a monitoring plan have been created.

OFIS can also propose to implement a monitoring of key water quality parameters on cooling towers to control the doses of injected products and monitor the level in the tanks.

Volume of the cooling system: 1 500 m3

Recirculation flow: 3 460 m3/h 

Exchanged power: 22,5 MW
4 days on-site audit

Client benefits :

  • Control of sanitary risks

Solution :

  • Legionella Risk Assessment