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Energy Master Plan

Energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions

Almaty is the former capital of Kazakhstan. Its district heating system provides heat to about 1.5 million inhabitants through a network of 1,120 km. The energy supply in Almaty is supplied by 3 combined heat and power coal-based plants (with an installed capacity of 145 MWe, 173 MWe, and 510 MWe). In a context of cold winter temperatures and high energy consumption, it is critical to reduce energy losses, and find both alternative and cleaner heating and electricity sources. In partnership with Kazakh and French governments, Seureca provided Almaty with an Energy Master Plan, aiming at optimizing energy efficiency and operation in the city.


This Master Plan, covering both heating and electricity production and their supply, combined social, economic, and environmental objectives, simultaneously reducing energy losses in the network, improving the operational efficiency for a better service rendered to the population, and decreasing the level of greenhouse gases emissions.

The partners therefore worked together to :
  • identify measures to optimize energy use and find cleaner sources for the city supply in order to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases emissions.
  • give legal and contractual recommendations with the objective of implementing a public/private partnership for electricity and heating distribution.
  • assess the feasibility for upgrading or building a new heat and power plant based on the characteristic of the current transmission grid.
  • improve the operations and regulation of the electricity and heating supply network.
  • prepare a strategy for centralizing or decentralizing energy production.
  • carry a detailed technical and economical analysis of the energy consumption and losses action plan, assess the impact of this plan on investment and distribution rates, and propose alternative solutions.
  • prepare a short to long-term investment plan, based on financial analyses. 

Seureca audited the electricity and heating networks, resulting in the calculation of energy losses, energy consumption by category and sector, and energy needs.
The environmental impact of the combined heat and power plants was calculated. A detailed study examined the opportunity of integrating renewable energy into the plant and the network.

Following an audit phase, a new management plan was defined for improving the operations of  public energy companies.
A short to long-term investment plan was established for higher energy efficiency.


« The effort of a stakeholders’ network made of  Kazakh and French governments, and public & private organizations  to build an integrated Energy Master Plan aiming at encouraging economic development, rationalize energy consumption and supply a reliable service to the local population »

Raphael BERDUGO 
Project Manager


1.5 million, city population

6 TWh/year of electricity, 8 TWh/year of heat

100 M€/year energy losses 

Client benefits :

  • Energy efficiency
  • Operational efficiency
  • Long-term investment planning

Solution :

  • Master Plan
  • Network audit
  • Environmental impact