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Waste management technical assistance

Improving public health through waste management

Seureca, in partnership with Naldeo is providing a 3 year technical assistance - from 2014 until 2017 - to Djibouti’s public roads office (OVD), in charge of waste collection and treatment in the city. The objective of this assistance is to improve waste management services and engage partnerships with the informal waste collection sector. Through this technical and operational support, Seureca works towards improving public health conditions and living conditions of Djibouti population, especially in the most condensed areas of the city which is Balbala.

The support provided by Seureca covers both waste collection systems and treatment facilities and combines technical, commercial and social expertise towards a more structured waste management sector in the city. 

One full time expert is seconded into the Djibouti’s public roads office (OVD) for 3 years, providing a permanent support to the client and encouraging knowledge transfer to the local managers.

So far, Seureca focused its support on two main areas :
  • The creation of a new garage to host the 50 waste collection trucks owned by OVD. For this, Seureca worked on the garage concept and detailed design. Following a tender, the new garage is currently under construction and will be operational in 2015, improving the operating procedures for waste collection and protecting the office’s assets for a longer lifetime. 
  • The setup of collection points in the most condensed area of the city, Balbala district. After identification of optimized collection points in the area, Seureca is providing design, tendering and commissioning services to OVD for the creation of 12 centralized collection points, with the objective of fighting against street waste dumping and enhance living conditions for 200 000 inhabitants. 

Seureca’s assistance also encompasses institutional and social engineering components. In partnership with Naldeo, relationships have been made with the municipality and the informal sector to raise awareness about the environmental, social and health challenges faced in the waste sector and find solutions for optimized governance in the long run.

700 000 population

200.000 people living in informal settlements.


Client benefits:

  • New and operational collection facilities
  • Capacity building
  • Stakeholder management

Solution :

  • 3 year technical assistance
  • Design, tender & commissioning
  • Governance engineering