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Water supply and sanitation project

Improving water and sanitation services in the city of Kisumu

The Kisumu Water Supply and Sanitation Project took place in two phases. The emergency works aimed at alleviating the current acute water shortage within the Kisumu City jurisdiction. The long term action plan then covered the expansion of the water supply and sanitation component to meet the current and future water and sewage service provision needs in Kisumu city, Kenya’s third largest urban area.

  • Kisumu 1
  • Kisumu 3

In this project, Seureca was contracted as the Engineers’ Representative to carry out design and tender documentation reviews as well as to coordinate the construction of the works:
  • Emergency works: supervision of construction water treatment facilities (24,000m3/day) and transmission line
  • Water supply and treatment: design review and construction of distribution system and reservoirs (distribution network: 150,000 connections, distribution network lengths of 82kms with pipeline sizes ranging from 90mm to 700mm)
  • Water treatment: design review and construction of Kajulu treatment works and intake/dam works.
  • Sewerage and wastewater: design review and construction of sewerage system (sewerage network length of 54kms with pipelines sizes ranging from  225mm to 675mm), Nyalenda waste stabilisation ponds (29,000m3/day), Kisat Wastewater Treatment Plant (11,000m3/day) and pumping stations rehabilitation).

While carrying out the project, Seureca allowed the client counterpart staff to develop their skills and experience, including on Operations and Maintenance of the new infrastructure for immediate operations.


“The successful implementation of the Long Term Action Plan for Water and Sanitation ensures reliable water supply and sanitation facilities to respectively 75% and 50% of the people of Kisumu city.”

Gilbert Bett
Resident Engineer


7 year project

Funded by AFD – French Development Agency

32M Euros Value of construction