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Training and knowledge transfer

Sustaining change through knowledge transfer

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the countries in the world with the fastest economic growth since 1970. Water resource is key to support Oman’s development and people. The Public Authority for Electricity and Water is responsible for providing drinking water in Oman, a strategic resource to 2.3 million Omanis. PAEW will face two major challenges in the next two decades: - A significant growth of water assets and service coverage – with an objective of supplying piped water to more than 90% of the Omani population - The need for service and performance improvement to meet the growing customers’ expectations. In order to get prepared, PAEW decided to launch a co-management contract awarded in 2011 to Veolia for five years.


In the scope of this contract, Seureca provides continuous expertise, technical and strategic assistance to the Veolia key staff and PAEW.
In order to sustain the changes brought through the co-management contract, Seureca provided PAEW with tailored training programmes and knowledge transfer schemes.

Vocational training courses :

Seureca delivered a wide range of technical training programs, directly applicable to PAEW’s needs, in line with their strategy, policies and procedures, including:
  • Planning & Asset management
  • Network hydraulics & hydraulic modeling
  • Non-Revenue Water & metering
  • Water quality and laboratory practices
  • Water operation & operational tools
  • Economic and financial modelling
  • Emergency response.

Seureca training courses are always operations oriented, based upon needs and feedback from operational experience: all trainers have relevant field experience in their area of expertise and are coming from the water utilities business.

Each training course is customized to fulfil the need of the targeted audience: executives, managers, technicians or operators and the objectives and outline are adapted to the level of the trainees.  Courses are delivered in English with the assistance of local Arabic translators when needed. For each course, Seureca carried out pre-tests and post-tests in order to measure the learning outcome.

When applicable, Seureca offers practical training courses, including on-the-job sessions.
One example: organisation of a tailored leak detection program in small groups of 3 to 5 employees, including onsite leak detection practice sessions and providing the attendees with the right tools and methodology to raise leak detection practices in Oman to the best international standards.
Other innovative knowledge transfer schemes have also been developed in order to build long term expertise on critical technical fields for PAEW

Job shadowing :

For technical fields that require learning that can only be acquired over a long period of time, Seureca has provided shadowing from experts of an area to PAEW high potentials and talents.
A great example of this is the job shadowing experience organised over two years between a Seureca Senior Hydraulic modeller and a PAEW employee aspiring to become an expert in the field.

Learning expeditions :

In order to support PAEW in implementing complex strategic projects, Seureca has organised learning expeditions for PAEW employees. During those expeditions, the participants discover Veolia operations abroad, with the objective to gain best practices exposure and practical support from international Veolia experts. 
Some examples :
  • April 2013 : Executive workshop on capital delivery contractual solutions, with Veolia Scotland
  • November 2013 : Management and Performance contracts overview, with Veolia in New York City
  • October 2014 : Maintenance expedition, China

Our experience with local operations and utilities, combined with our Veolia culture, enables us to provide customized and resultoriented technical training solutions.” 

François LACOUR
General Manager,Seureca - Oman 


19,000 Trainee Hours

Over 85% Satisfaction rate

Client benefits :

  • Capacity building
  • Change management
  • Sustainable change

Solution :

  • Knowledge transfer