Studies and Project Management

Expertise to make sustainable client investments:

Seureca’s experts provide clients with detailed studies customized for specific projects, contexts, and resources.
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Seureca carries out a full range of engineering studies related to water, waste, and energy management for public services and industrial companies:
- Master planning
- Investment definition and planning
- Feasibility studies
- Environmental studies
- Technical audits
- Network modeling
- Regulatory studies
- Socio-economic studies
Studies provided by Seureca lead to an implementable action plan.
Master plan
To measure the long-term need for water, waste, and energy services and to assist utilities to plan their investment accordingly, Seureca carries out detailed demographic and economic analyses resulting in a master plan. This includes forecasts of resource needs and infrastructure needs, along with recommendations for medium to long-term infrastructure development plans.
Investment definition and planning
Seureca provides support to define, calculate, plan, and prioritize short to long-term investments for water, waste, and energy networks or facilities, including construction, and operations and maintenance costs. 
Feasibility studies
Seureca assesses options and scenarios prior to the project-start through feasibility studies. These identify the best solutions to combine compliance with technical requirements, budget, and asset-cost forecast throughout the whole project lifecyle. 
Environmental studies
Using environmental studies, Seureca teams identify, assess, and prioritize the potential environmental impact of a project at all stages: preliminary design, construction, and operations. Seureca can propose measures to mitigate the negative environmental impact of the project and monitor it through the development of a Balanced Scorecard. Seureca’s expertise also covers the fields of hydrology, odor management, environmental regulations, and resources protection. The implementation of a full Environmental Management System compliant with ISO 14001 being the objective, clients are guided through all the types of environmental engineering.
Technical audits
Seureca carries out technical audits for: water and wastewater plants, water networks, waste collection systems, waste treatment and recycling facilities, electricity networks, as well as heating and cooling networks. As a result of the audit, a comprehensive and prioritized action plan is discussed and developed with the client.
Network modeling
Seureca provides network modeling expertise and support to implement network improvements (pressure management, water quality, etc.), providing data for short to long-term investment plans and to identify viable options in emergency situations.
Institutional and regulatory studies
When dealing with resources and services such as water, waste, and energy the understanding of governance and regulatory aspects are crucial to find optimized and sustainable management solutions. Seureca proposes its expertise to map the relevant stakeholders and assess the governance of the utilities service, due to knowledge of the operational regulations for water, energy, and waste management services.
Socio-economic studies
To provide services adapted to a local population, Seureca studies the social context and development, assesses local expectations for service and tariff, and when necessary, calculates a resources demand analysis based on existing and field-collected data.