Waste reuse and waste-to-energy
Réutilisation des déchets et valorisation énergétique

Seureca supports the growing demand for renewable energy and, wherever possible, develops solutions for its customers to be supplied with green energy. The energy generated by the combustion of non-recyclable waste produces electricity and heat for either local industry or domestic energy needs. Waste-to-energy therefore helps conserve fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills.

Our expertise:
  •  Technical assistance for operating incinerator
  •  Design for landfill gas valorization
Social engineering
Ingénierie sociale

Operating waste management services does not only require technical skills. Waste management, as a public service, requires fine-tuned social engineering skills, at the heart of Seureca’s approach.  Developing alliances with local partners, Seureca provides mediation and dialogue, and educational campaigns towards the community.

Our expertise:
  • Dialogue with informal waste management sector
  • Awareness campaigns