Heating and cooling networks

Heating and cooling networks
Réseaux de chaleur et de froid

Urban networks save energy and preserve the environment in many ways. They replace thousands of individual heating systems with a modern, reliable industrial system, and they increasingly make use of renewable energy (biomass) and recovered energy (waste, industrial gaseous effluent, etc.). They can be associated with combined heat and power, or cogeneration plants, which are much more efficient than conventional methods. Seureca’s clients can rely on its expertise in diverse forms of energy –including coal, gas, biomass and geothermal – to develop efficient energy mixes and find the best energy sources for the environment and the local populations.

Our expertise:
  • Energy master plan
  • Preparation of bankable priority investment programs
  • Technical assistance to improve financial and operational performance of energy companies
  • Transaction advisory services to develop public service contracts and IPP contracts