Energy | Efficiency and comfort

Energy | Efficiency and comfort
Énergie | Efficacité et confort

Seureca has developed its expertise in a range of technical system support services with the aim of combining energy savings, health, lifestyle quality and user comfort in buildings.
Upon operator request, Seureca provides complex heating and cooling installation services using proven methods and modeling tools to fine-tune operations.

Our expertise:
  • Technical audit of heating and cooling networks
  • Technical water network corrosion expertise
  • Heating and cooling networks balancing
  • Optimization of the balancing of heating and cooling networks:
    Balancing study (calculation of thermal losses, calculation of flow rates and presets to be applied)
    Adjustment of balancing devices
    Control of ambient temperatures
    Winter adjustments
  • Technical water network mapping
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Technical training and awareness of staff (eco-friendly quiz, energy savings)