Water | Health and risks

Water | Health and risks
Eau | Santé et gestion patrimoniale

As with any infrastructure, water systems must be maintained, optimized and renewed in order to maintain usage and water quality in the most cost-effective way.
With its strong experience, extensive references, certifications and qualifications, Seureca is currently the leading expert in water facility management for buildings, and benefits from know-how of more than 20 years in Legionella.

Our expertise:
  • Water quality audits: Legionella audit, Pseudomonas audit, lead audit...
  • Water savings studies
  • Water networks performance: corrosion expertise, scaling expertise, polymer materials expertise…
  • Effluents expertise: diagnostic of wastewater treatment plants, health facilities, industrial sites…
  • Legionella risk assessment on cooling towers
  • Chloramines expertise in swimming pools
  • Hot water networks balancing (Legionella risk)
  • Water networks mapping (plans, diagrams)
  • Water sampling strategy and sampling methods
  • Sanitary Technical Inspection
  • Control of new and existing water connections
  • Crisis management
  • Logbook
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Technical training and awareness of staff (Legionella, water quality, eco-friendly quiz, water savings, corrosion, cooling towers…)