Industrial waste

Industrial waste
Déchets industriels

Seureca assists industrials in implementing an efficient and profitable waste management system. How do we do so? Our engineers make assessments to determine the actual cost of waste and to find innovative solutions for the reduction of waste, its collection, recycling, and processing. We work at improving the traceability of waste and propose the setting‑up of adapted tracking and reporting tools.

Our expertise:
  • Waste management assessment ;
  • Optimization of on­‑site waste logistics, such as in‑house collection and temporary storage;
  • Optimization of recycling waste - identifying new systems for recycling/recovery;
  • Reduction of waste production;
  • Awareness campaigns and advertising to improve the waste sorting system;
  • Preparation and implementation of an in‑situ waste traceability system;
  • Implementation of performance indicators and the associated reports.